GENERICO.ruSportZagorski and Gureyro put their careers on hold due to serious illness of their partner

Zagorski and Gureyro put their careers on hold due to serious illness of their partner

MOSCOW, Sep 29 Russian figure skater Jonathan Gureyro said that he and his partner Tiffany Zagorski suspended their professional careers. Earlier, a source said that Zagorski and Gureyro could end their professional careers due to the removal from the salary rate in the Russian national team.

"Last year, Tiffany was diagnosed with a serious illness, which, unfortunately , deprived her of the opportunity to fully perform last season. After this difficult period, Tiffany decided to take a break in order to fully recover. Because recovery processes can be different for everyone, this took longer than expected. But now she is starting to feel good again", wrote Gureyro on Instagram*.

“It is also equally important to note that due to current events we do not have the opportunity to compete at the international level at the moment, so we decided not to rush the recovery process and take a break this season,” the skater added. The athlete noted that it took a lot of time to make a difficult decision. According to Gureyro, a pause is needed to take a breath and decide what to do next. Zagorski and Gureyro are the silver medalists of the Russian Championship in the 2020/21 season, participated in the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.* Meta activity (social networks Facebook and Instagram) is prohibited in Russia as extremist.


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