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In New York, attackers doused the Russian consulate with red paint

Russian Consulate General in New York. Archival photoNEW YORK, Sep 30 On Friday night, two unidentified people doused the facade of the Russian Consulate in New York with corrosive red paint, the damage is significant, a source in the diplomatic mission told RIA Novosti. “At one in the morning, two unknown “A man approached the building of the Consulate General. One took out a spray gun, apparently with a large cylinder, and began to pour red paint on the front of the central building. The second at that time filmed it all on camera,” the source said. The front door cannot be washed, because the paint is corrosive to the stone. The damage is very significant to the building itself. How long it will take to eliminate and how much it will cost, we can’t even say right now, since the damage is quite serious, “he added. According to him, the building the consulate was built at the beginning of the 20th century, is included in the list of historical values ​​​​of New York and must be preserved unchanged. “The host party has actually removed itself from providing the security of the foreign institution,” the source said. According to him, “for the past few weeks, the police have not been near the Consulate General at all.” Earlier, against the background of regular anti-Russian actions, a police patrol was on duty opposite the consulate. “We don’t know why. They stopped coming. We appealed several times. to the State Department – ed.). The embassy also wrote one note with a request to ensure security. But, unfortunately, the Americans did not respond to our appeals,” the source said. According to him, now the consulate also does not have police. Earlier this week, according to a source, the consulate was pelted with eggs several times.


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