GENERICO.ruWorldVenezuela announced the release of two citizens of the country in the United States

Venezuela announced the release of two citizens of the country in the United States

MEXICO, Oct 1 the United States, as well as the release on humanitarian grounds of US citizens who were imprisoned in the Bolivarian Republic.” The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela wishes to inform our people and the international community that, as a result of negotiations held since March 5 with representatives of the United States government, it was possible to release two young Venezuelans unjustly imprisoned in this country,” reads a communiqué issued by Venezuelan Vice President Alfred Nazaret. According to the text, the Venezuelan justice system has also decided to release, on humanitarian grounds, a group of United States citizens who were being sued.” The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela welcomes the results of these negotiations and looks forward to wounding peace and harmony with all the peoples of our region and the world,” the report said. Media reported that at the talks in July, the US delegation discussed in Venezuela the release of Marine Matthew Heath, five ex-managers of the oil company Citgo and two more Americans. Later, three more US citizens were detained for illegal entry into Venezuela. The Venezuelan authorities did not disclose information about the size and composition of the group of released US citizens. Venezuela releases seven Americans from custody, Biden says


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