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“I'm not going to hide behind a chessboard”: Karyakin on mobilization

MOSCOW, Oct 3, Oleg Bogatov. Russian grandmaster Sergey Karyakin announced that he has no information about the presence of armor from partial mobilization, is ready to receive a summons and is not going to hide behind a chess career. A native of Simferopol, Karyakin openly came out in late February in support of a special operation in Ukraine. Because of this, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) disqualified the Russian for six months, the grandmaster could not take part in the Candidates Tournament for the title match with the world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. The FIDE sentence expired on September 21. “I think that I, like many other citizens of Russia, may also receive a summons (on partial mobilization). At least no one told me that I had any kind of reservation or that “Something else. He will come, so he will come. At least I'm not going to hide behind the chessboard. I'm a native of the Crimea, it's understandable that everyone is upset because all this is happening at all. I never said that everything is fine , but I still support my country. And I hope for the best and believe in it, “said Karyakin. “I have no information whether I will have a reservation from the Russian Ministry of Sports or the Russian Olympic Committee. – added the interlocutor of the agency.


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