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Macron changed dress code to save electricity

French President Emmanuel MacronPARIS, Oct 3French President Emmanuel Macron appeared for the first time at a speech wearing a turtleneck, which French officials have begun to wear instead of traditional shirts and ties to save on heating. Macron on Monday recorded a video message timed to coincide with the launch of the National Council for Perestroika (CNR) online platform, where citizens can speak out his proposals on pressing issues such as climate change or employment. French media noted that Macron was wearing a jacket and turtleneck – a new symbol of the “energy sobriety” policy announced by the French president in the summer.Total Energy stations in France are running out of gasolineAccording to a new government program, France needs to reduce its electricity consumption by 10% to avoid shortages this coming winter. The government called on businesses and transport companies to submit specific plans to reduce energy consumption. Among the mandatory measures is maintaining the temperature in the premises no higher than 19 degrees in order to save on heating. Earlier, speaking on France Inter radio, the head of the French Ministry of Finance, Bruno Le Maire, said that employees of his department would dress warmer so as not to turn on the heating in the ministry longer. “You will see us not in ties, but in turtlenecks – this will be very good, as it will allow us to save energy and demonstrate “energy sobriety,” the minister said. Later on Twitter, he posted a photo of himself in his office, in which he is dressed in blue turtleneck.France made a scandal at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Polyansky saidThe West increased sanctions pressure on Russia due to a special military operation in Ukraine, which led to an increase in prices for electricity, fuel and food in Europe and the United States. The French government has taken a number of measures to curb electricity prices . However, some French companies, including two major glassmakers Duralex and Arc, have said they have already reduced production volumes and placed a number of employees on part-time jobs. Also due to increased energy bills in the metropolis, about 30 swimming pools stopped working, including the largest sports complex in Paris, Pailleron. France's largest aluminum plant Aluminum Dunkerque announced in early September that it would cut production by about 20% due to rising prices for In September, Prime Minister Elisabeth Born announced that the French government would take steps to keep gas and electricity price increases at 15% in 2023. This will cost the French budget 16 billion euros.Americans are rushing towards French retirement savings. Macron helps


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