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Polish Foreign Minister signs note to Germany demanding reparations

Go to mediabankPolish flag. File photoWARSAW, 3 Oct. Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau signed a note to Germany demanding reparations for the damage caused in connection with World War II, RIA Novosti correspondent reports. expresses the conviction of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the parties must take action to secure a sustainable settlement of the issue of reparations,” Rau told reporters.The President of Poland said at the UN that Russia “owes Ukraine reparations” He explained that Poland insists that the parties settle “the payment by Germany of material and non-material compensation for damage (in connection with) the occupation and compensation to victims and their families.” Polish the minister also insists that the reparations settlement referred to in the note “should include, among other things, ensuring proper cooperation in commemorating the Polish victims of the Second World War and taking real measures by the German authorities to present to their society a true picture of the war and its consequences, especially the harm and damage caused to Poland and the Poles. “He is confident that the payment of reparations by Germany will improve relations between Berlin and Warsaw. “Such a settlement will allow Polish-German relations to be based on justice and truth, lead to the closing of painful pages in the past and ensure the further development of bilateral relations in the spirit of good neighborliness and good neighborly cooperation,” Rau said.Media: Scholz threatened Poland after demanding reparationsHe also noted that the settlement should include “the payment by Germany of compensation for the material and non-material damage caused to the Polish state by this aggression and occupation, compensation to the victims of this aggression and occupation , as well as to their family members of the damage and harm caused to them, as well as a systematic solution to the issue of looted Polish cultural property and archives. “Earlier, the Polish authorities said they were demanding 6.2 trillion zlotys (about 1.3 trillion dollars) from Germany as reparations for damages from World War II. The German government has repeatedly stated that they do not intend to make payments to Poland: in Berlin they believe that they have already paid quite large reparations, and there is no reason to doubt Poland's refusal of reparations in 1953. Media: Scholz threatened Poland after demanding reparations

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