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The IEA allowed the reduction of gas reserves in Europe to five percent in February

A pipeline designed to transport Russian gas to the EU. File photoMOSCOW, Oct 3Underground storage facilities in Europe risk losing almost all of their reserves and drop to 5% in February if Russian pipeline gas supplies to the region are completely cut off from November 1, and the supply of liquefied natural gas is limited, according to a new quarterly report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). However, the risk of a complete loss of Russian supplies is a big challenge for filling UGS facilities next winter. Therefore, the agency assessed the consequences if exports from the Russian Federation cease from November 1. storage will be filled to less than 20% if LNG supply is high, and close to 5% if LNG supply is low. Falling stocks to these levels will increase the risk of supply disruptions in the event of late cold weather,” the IEA said. above 25%, with reduced LNG supply, EU winter gas demand would need to be reduced by 9% compared to the average level over the past five years, and to maintain stock levels above 33%, demand would need to be reduced by 13%,” they write. Thus, gas saving measures will be essential to minimize withdrawals from underground storage facilities and maintain reserves at an adequate level until the end of the heating season, the IEA concludes. 41c7a97bfa416.jpg” />Sabotage at Nord Stream did not help the LNG market

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