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Media: EU agreed on a price ceiling for Russian oil

Go to media bankFlags with EU symbols near the building of the European Commission in Brussels. File photoMOSCOW, Oct 4 Representatives of the EU member states agreed on a new package of sanctions against Russia, which includes the introduction of a cap on oil prices, Politico newspaper reported, citing European diplomats.According to the publication, on Tuesday officials have reached a framework agreement on the eighth package of sanctions, and on Wednesday, October 5, they will approve the final version of the text. oil productionEarlier, The Wall Street Journal, citing officials, reported that the European Union could approve a price ceiling for Russian oil in two stages. At the same time, European politicians are likely to postpone the adoption of the final document until all the G7 countries are ready, media writes. limiting the cost of oil and gas sold by Moscow. In September, they confirmed their intention to introduce a ceiling on black gold. The price cap is scheduled to go into effect on December 5 for oil and February 5, 2023 for petroleum products. warned that countries that would apply the limits would be left without exports from Russia. As President Vladimir Putin stated, Moscow will not ship anything abroad if it is contrary to its own interests.Experts spoke about methods to reduce the impact of the oil price limit


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