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CIA criticized for inattention to the victims of the “Havana syndrome”

People walk past the US flag in New York. File photoMOSCOW, Oct 15The CIA inspector general in a classified report criticized the agency for not paying enough attention to the first victims of the “Havana syndrome”, according to CNN, citing sources. The US has been struggling with the mystery for five years “anomalous health incidents” that were first recorded by diplomats in Cuba and then repeated elsewhere in the world, but so far no one has been held responsible.Kremlin denies 'Havana Syndrome' accusations against Russia”The CIA Inspector General has completed a report criticizing the agency's handling of the first cases of… 'Havana Syndrome,'” the channel said. who complained about the manifestations of the syndrome did not receive the required assistance.According to the channel, a number of senior officials in the CIA doubted the authenticity of the symptoms.Intelligence Director William Burns, who took over in 2021, fired the agency’s chief physician, who was criticized for being skeptical of the manifestations of the “Havana Dozens of CIA officials over the past year have filed complaints with Congress about the Burns-created group to investigate manifestations of the syndrome, which, in their opinion, slows down the proceedings. It is noted that the intelligence community has not provided evidence that the “Havana syndrome” is the work of another state.According to sources, this year a number of victims of the sex syndrome were taught compensation from the CIA. Manifestations of the “Havana syndrome” – dizziness, nausea, headaches and hearing problems – were first observed among American diplomats in Cuba in 2016 and 2017, as well as in China in 2018. Later, the media reported similar cases among diplomats, intelligence officers and other US government employees in Vienna, Africa, Tajikistan and Russia. According to the head of the CIA, the “Havana Syndrome” affected several hundred people in total.

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