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He fought in Chechnya, attacked the judges. The brightest episodes in Gogniev's career

Spartak Gogniev became the main figure of the 15th round of the Russian Premier League even before its end. Khimki were defeated by Dynamo, and the head coach of the team had a falling out with Denis Glushakov, who was replaced in the 35th minute, received a red card for talking with the referee, and then also attacked the journalist with claims. However, the emotions of the 41-year-old specialist hardly surprised anyone, because he had an explosive character, while still a football player. recalls the brightest episodes in Gogniev's career.

Refused one Gazzaev for the sake of another
Gogniev began his career in his native Vladikavkaz, where he played in Avtodor with Yuri Gazzaev. His brother Valery Gazzaev, then working at Dynamo Moscow, followed the 18-year-old talent with the intention of moving him to Moscow. Needless to say, it is difficult to refuse such an offer, but Gogniev did it. As Yuri Gazzaev later said, he personally dissuaded the young man from going under the wing of his brother. And in general, he was right: the competition in Dynamo was high, so the young striker could well stick to the bench.What was the surprise of the Avtodor leadership when, at the decisive moment, Gogniev refused to transfer, although he already had tickets to Cyprus, where the Muscovites trained in the winter. However, six months later, Yuri Gazzaev still gave the go-ahead for the transition, and in the summer of 2000 the striker became a Dynamo player, scoring Zenit in the first match.

Later, Gogniev noted that Valery Georgievich gave a serious impetus to his development, however, Gogniev called Yuri Gazzaev the main coach in his career, under whose leadership he also played in KAMAZ.

It is interesting that Valery Gazzaev did not want to talk about his former player, for whom he personally flew to negotiations in Vladikavkaz. “I'm not interested in this,” – so Gazzaev answered the correspondent's appeal.The story is not scandalous, but funny. In the summer of 2001, Gogniev moved from Dynamo to CSKA, the legendary Pavel Sadyrin. Under the guidance of an experienced coach, the striker played 11 matches, but the player remembered that period for the rest of his life. Already at the first training session with the army team, Sadyrin, in his own special manner, reacted to the name of the newcomer, which so cut the ears of all CSKA fans, and immediately gave him a nickname.

“The first training session at CSKA,” Gogniev recalled. “Sadyrin looks at me, shakes his head: “No, well, did you see this miracle?” – laughter and tears. And Sadyrin continues: “Have you ever seen a man named Spartak play in CSKA? Not! This is where my tongue won't turn. This does not happen in CSKA! Therefore, you will be called more simply: Spartach!”.

A fight in Chechnya at the cost of 6 matches of disqualification
One of the most striking episodes involving Gogniev the player happened towards the end of his career. In November 2011, an experienced striker played for the youth team of Krasnodar against Terek on the road and in the 73rd minute was at the epicenter of the scandal. Removed from the field, Gogniev pushed the referee several times, and then spoke sharply against the Grozny bench, which provoked riots and was beaten – even local police and stadium security attacked. As a result, Gogniev received a closed nose fracture, multiple bruises, cracks in two ribs and a concussion, and spent several days in the hospital.

At first, all the dogs were let loose on the veteran, the clubs even made a joint conciliatory statement, and Krasnodar was to be credited with a 0-3 defeat. But the video recording of the incident showed that all the participants in the conflict behaved ugly. The action in support of Gogniev was even carried out by the players of the Russian national team, who went to an open training session in T-shirts with the inscriptions “Spartak, we are with you” and “We do not need such football.” Later, the player met with representatives of Terek, and the parties apologized to each other. What did not save them from sanctions: Gogniev paid 50 thousand rubles and received a suspension for 6 matches, and Grozny gave 500 thousand and played the next two games on a neutral field.

Gogniev quarreled with Muslin, and Tarkhanov sent him to double
The striker left Krasnodar in the winter of 2012 with a scandal. Slavoljub Muslin stopped trusting him, and at some point even advised the management to look for a new team for him. After leaving, Gogniev gave a long interview in which he attacked the former coach with criticism. The football player said that the Serbian specialist simply ignored him and did not even explain the reasons for not getting into the squad. According to him, there was no progress for Krasnodar with Muslin, he would not have raised the team to a place in the top five. but the Serbian assured that he parted ways with him for football reasons. br>

Another conflict with the coach of the striker happened later in the Urals, where he was already at the end of his career. At first, Gogniev spoke well of Alexander Tarkhanov, who came to the team, and received good practice, and also wore the captain's armband. But already in the 2014/15 season, he lost the trust of the coach and at the end of the championship was sent to the double for 8 rounds. The footballer returned to the field only in the final match.The football player did not disclose the details of that conflict, but once he clearly outlined his attitude towards Muslin and Tarkhanov in an interview with “Championship”.

“In general, I respect all the coaches with whom I worked, except for Muslin and Tarkhanov. I don’t want to wash dirty linen in public, but Tarkhanov knows what I think of him, because I always tell the truth in person. Maybe he didn’t see me as a football player, that's why he did it. It's just that when he says “I see potential in you” from his lips, and all his actions speak completely differently … This is called duplicity. I can't stand it. It's the same story with Muslin. Complete injustice, biased attitude one, the other… I don’t want mud, but for me it’s not a coach, just like I’m not a football player for him,” Gogniev said. >It must be said right away that the suspicions were not directed specifically at Gogniev, but in relation to all the participants in that match. We are talking about the period in the Urals, when at the end of the 2014/15 season, the club from Yekaterinburg, thanks to the victory over Terek (3:1) in Grozny, retained its place in the top league. The most experienced veteran then scored a goal after returning from the double, where Tarkhanov exiled him. Gogniev later said that the ball was of particular importance to him precisely because of the difficulties he experienced at that time.

The facts were not really provided, but some episodes looked strange. In particular, the actions of the defender of Grozny Rodolfo, who very suspiciously “prevented” Gogniyev from delivering a productive blow. Subsequently, several more matches between Ural and Terek raised questions from the public, which only fueled interest in that very first meeting of this “cycle”.

Again a fight – this time as coach
In February 2021, Alania Gogniev hosted Tom and lost with a score of 2:3. But everyone's attention was focused not on the result, but on the behavior of the head coach of the hosts. Already in stoppage time, referee Artem Chistyakov removed Gogniev for swearing at the refereeing team. And after the final whistle, contrary to the prohibitions, the Vladikavkaz coach returned to the field, again began to make claims and at some point dismissed his hands, hitting the referee in the stomach. As a result, Gogniev was restrained by several people at once, and emotions spread to the stands, who chanted obscene chants against the judges.

The coach of Alania did not come to the post-match press conference, and his assistant, who replaced him, refused to comment on the work of the referees. The Control and Disciplinary Committee took up the incident and issued a severe punishment: 300 thousand rubles fine and suspension for 8 matches. Although everything could have ended even tougher – up to suspension from football for two years.”First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone who was at the stadium that day, and to those who watched the broadcast of the match on the Internet. Such situations do not paint either me or our team. However, everyone saw only one side of the coin, but objective conclusions can be drawn only after both sides become visible. In this case, it is necessary to consider not only the consequence of what happened, but also the cause. At the same time, I am not looking for excuses. I admit that I did not restrain my emotions, “the specialist apologized through the official site of “Alania”.

The cry of the soul at the press conference
During Gogniev's period in Alania, everyone remembered not only the bright and often revolutionary game of the team, but also the bright speeches of its coach to journalists. Almost every press conference turned into a real spectacle, especially if Vladikavkaz lost. This happened in October 2021, when Alania lost away to Akron (1: 2), conceding both goals from the “standards”. The guests had a tangible advantage and had to take points, so Gogniev went to the press on edge and gave a powerful monologue.

“I want to tell my guys… They play against everything and strive to win. And then they make fools out of us. That we swear and swear, and then they send us off. This is wrong. We want to play football, we play football, we show it. We score in every match, we open up! We don't dry the game for 90 minutes, it's interesting to play with us, it's interesting to watch us. Your fans are now gone, won, satisfied. So let's play, let's raise this league! In this format, let everyone play, on Let's play football! They say we don't have football players! Look at how the national team plays, look at what kind of players! They are, they just need to be dealt with. Everyone is constantly discussing refereeing, I don’t need it! Let's discuss football. We are on the right way. We have the ball 70% of the game time, a lot of shots, and we have only one penalty in a season. Not an option. It's just unrealistic! Thank you,” Gogniev exploded.

Of course, it's better to watch the video of that press conference, since the effect is achieved largely due to Gogniev's facial expressions and intonations. True, the style of “Alania”, as the specialist wanted, was not adopted by anyone in the First League, as well as in the highest.

The fountain of emotions at the Lev Yashin stadium
Gogniev's character was revealed in all its glory during the recent match between Khimki and Dynamo. By the end of the first half, the “white-and-blues” smashed the guests with a score of 3:0, and the coach of the Moscow Region team managed to remove Glushakov from the field, who was escorted to the locker room with obscene language. Later, the Khimki captain said that the differences were settled, but the episode still turned out to be memorable. In addition, before the break, Gogniyev got sent off, and then in the premises under the stands he filed a claim against the Match TV journalist for the “wrong” questions in the pre-match interview.

At first there were rumors that Gogniev almost left the stadium before the end of the meeting, and the media have already begun to sort out possible candidates to replace him. Nevertheless, the Khimki coach appeared in the stands, gave instructions to the assistants at the touchline by phone, and also rejoiced at the only goal of his team from the penalty spot when the score became 1:6. As a result, such a paradox: Dynamo won the biggest victory of the season, but everyone is discussing the coach of the destroyed “white-and-blue” team.

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