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“He'd rather die than score a lousy goal.” Golovin put France on the ears

Monaco's Russian midfielder scored a fantastic goal against Angers and impressed all of France, but the coach is still waiting more from him.

Golovin is cool, but the Monaco coach wants more goals
Alexander Golovin played his 150th game for Monaco last weekend. Our footballer has been playing for the Monegasques for the fifth season and can be considered a veteran of the club, despite his young age. This year, Golovin, fortunately, avoids injuries and plays most of the matches in the first team of one of the leaders of French football. However, the meeting with “Angers” was one of the few that the Russian started in reserve. th minute of the match and after 15 minutes he scored a beautiful goal with a sweeping shot into the far top corner. This ball was the second for the Russian of the season and helped Monaco win 2-0. The French press appreciated Golovin's game.The Get French Football News portal gave him seven points along with Embolo and Wanderson, which is the best rating among all the participants in the meeting. The publication wrote that Golovin became one of the main characters and was able to make a great contribution to success immediately after entering the field. And, of course, they appreciated the amazing goal scored by Alexander. At the same time, the portal cited the words of head coach Philippe Clement, who said that he still expects more from his ward.

“I am very, very happy with the way Golovin performed today. He had many chances to score in previous matches, but he was in a hurry every time with a shot. We pointed out his mistakes, showed him the video, because we know that he is able to score much more, having such a blow,” said Clement.The Monaco Tribune and Homme du Match portals even named the Russian the best player in the match, the release of which changed everything. The Monaco Tribune notes that success is very important for Monaco ahead of a key meeting with Red Star in European competition. Homme du Match explained why he gave Golovin such a high rating. switched to a 4-4-2 formation, where Golovin found a convenient place on the field for him. This was the decisive moment, which resulted in a beautiful shot of the Russian, twisted into the far top corner, “they wrote in Homme du Match.

“Golovin is a pearl”
Fans of “Monaco” also appreciated Golovin's game. A quick look at the club's social networks and accounts is enough to understand how much the fans love and respect the Russian legionnaire. what scores a lousy goal,” wrote Antoine P.

“Golovin's incredible goal! I dedicate it to all the haters of football who don't understand anything about the game,” said Hiich Hiich.

Golovin is a real gem. When he wants to and when he is in good shape, he has an amazing quality of play and outstanding shooting accuracy. With him on the left flank, Monaco “It's all right,” said Stz Nicolas.

“Golovin seems to be playing better and more decisively when he came on as a substitute,” Momonaco Albiceleste noted.

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