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In the United States, they described how the Russian Su-57 makes decisions in battle with lightning speed

MOSCOW, 31 Oct. The Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jet makes quick decisions thanks to an on-board computer acting as co-pilot, military expert Peter Suciu wrote in an article for 19FortyFive.

"One of the notable features The Su-57 is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can act as a virtual co-pilot, collect data from the aircraft’s numerous sensors and provide important information to a person,” the publication says.

The specialist noted that AI is planned to be introduced into the sixth generation aircraft. State-of-the-art machines will be equipped with high-performance secure processors that will turn them into a flying information center and allow the pilot to make lightning-fast decisions.

The Su-57 is a multirole fighter designed using stealth technologies. It can carry weapons in the inner fuselage compartments and has supersonic cruising speed. Also, the aircraft is capable of maneuvering with high g-forces and is equipped with advanced electronics.

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