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The Kremlin commented on the possible deployment of NATO bases in Finland

MOSCOW, Oct 31 Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov , commenting to journalists on reports about the possible deployment of NATO bases in Finland, said that we need to wait for “clear wording”. or restrictions on the establishment of military bases in the country, the presence of troops from the countries of the alliance there, or the importation of nuclear weapons.

“That is not the case there. It's just that they are not going to include any restrictions in terms of NATO membership in the text. That is, therefore, let's still wait for some clear wording before giving an assessment,” Peskov said, answering a question about how the Kremlin assesses the possibility of making a decision to deploy NATO weapons on the border of Finland with Russia after the country joins the alliance and what will be the response of the Russian Federation.

F Finland and Sweden against the backdrop of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine on May 18 handed over to the NATO Secretary General applications to join the alliance. Already 28 countries out of 30, except Turkey and Hungary, have made a positive decision on the admission of the Nordic countries to NATO.

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