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Biden says he will become president “this summer”

WASHINGTON, Nov 2 US President Joe Biden misspoke when he said that he took office “this summer”.
“I was driving through a gas station on the road: gas $3.25 was $5 when I took office this summer,” the US president said at a rally in Florida.< Biden won the election in 2020.
The US President has already allowed the reservation that gasoline at the time of his inauguration cost five dollars, although this record was set in early summer, and on inauguration day, the average price per gallon (3.785 liters) of fuel was half that. Biden said that he inherited “an economy in ruins” from his predecessor Donald Trump, and now the situation is improving.
Biden's current trip is rich in reservations: the US president called the hurricane that hit Florida “Ivan”, and blamed the war in Iraq for high inflation , on which “his son died”, who died in the States from oncology six years after his return.

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