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British law firm McCue Jury & Partners will file a lawsuit against the “Wagner Group”

MOSCOW, Nov 1 British law firm McCue Jury &# 38; Partners said it is taking legal action against the “Wagner Group” in connection with its activities in Ukraine.
“Today, our firm was asked to provide evidence to the parliamentary committee on international affairs in the framework of the Wagner Group trial and not only: private military companies – intermediaries”. While we were providing evidence to the committee, we announced… that the Ukrainian victims had taken the first step towards the commencement of proceedings in the High Court (London) against Wagner for liability and damages,” the statement reads. on the firm's website.
It is noted that the case will be funded by crowdfunding.

According to inews, Ukrainian officials and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are supporting the lawsuit.According to the newspaper, the firm plans to launch a similar case in the United States .

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