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The person involved in the “Tyumen case” said that the police tortured him with electric shock and threatened him with rape

Anti-fascist from Surgut, Roman Paklin, who was arrested on charges of participating in a terrorist community, spoke about electric shocks during his arrest. The text of his interrogation by his lawyer was posted by a support group of the defendants in the case.

25-year-old Paklin and five other anti-fascists were detained in late August and early September in Tyumen, Surgut and Yekaterinburg. All of them were sent to pre-trial detention center No. 1 in Tyumen.

1Article“They took out a rubber club and a stool leg from behind the closet.” The anti-fascist accused in the “Tyumen case” spoke about torture in the police department

According to investigators, out of “hatred for the current state regime,” Ural residents discussed scenarios for overthrowing the government during the year at “secret meetings,” and on the evening of August 30, two of them — 24-year-old car mechanic Kirill Brik and 23-year-old sales assistant Deniz Aidyn from Tyumen – was detained with an improvised explosive device in the forest near the CHPP-2 in the east of the city.

Deniz told the lawyer that he and Brick “out of curiosity” made an “explosive mixture” and were going to test it in a vacant lot. According to him, the PPS officers involved in the arrest initially suspected them of distributing narcotic drugs; after that, the policemen took them away and beat them, demanding that they sign confessions about their participation in “terrorist activities.”

Mechanical technician Paklin told the lawyer that on the afternoon of September 1, two days after the detention of Deniz and Brik in Tyumen, he was taken away from work at Surgutneftegaz in Surgut by company security personnel. Outside the enterprise, they handed him over to four men in civilian clothes in a white Lada Granta without license plates. According to Paklin, they were employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The men twisted his hands, handcuffed him, blindfolded him with masking tape and took him to “some kind of hangar”, asking about Deniz and Brik along the way. There, according to a Surgut resident, clamps were attached to his toes and they began to shock him. read, and asked me if I asked Deniz and Kirill to make smoke bombs <…> The man read out phrases from a piece of paper, and I repeated them, namely that I asked to make grenades for shelling police stations, ”recalls Paklin.

After that, Paklin was taken to the police department for interrogation and beaten several times for refusing to answer questions. According to the anti-fascist, both in the hangar and in the police department, they unbuttoned his pants several times and threatened to rape him with the words: “You will go to the zone like a rooster.”

In addition to Paklin and Deniz, 27-year-old 3D also spoke about torture -Designer from Yekaterinburg Yuri Neznamov. He said that he was choked with a bag, tortured with electric current and threatened with death, after which he signed blank sheets, and left an SOS mark on one of the copies of the interrogation.

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