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American colonel called the detail that will allow Russia to defeat the United States

MOSCOW, 3 Nov. Washington and its allies should not underestimate Russia's military power by intervening in Ukraine, former Defense Secretary Colonel Douglas McGregor quoted The American Conservative as saying.
“The White House appears to be considering using NATO forces , which will be based on American soldiers, against Russia,” the article says.
However, the author expressed doubts about the ability of the US-led coalition to raise the necessary military means to dominate the Russian army.

“It is unlikely that conventional US weapons will be able to prevail over Russian military power. The lack of specific goals also casts doubt on the ability of NATO to defeat Russian forces. It is important to remember that Moscow has complete power over the entire army – Russian soldiers understand what they are fighting for. American generals, they cannot expect the same loyalty from their allies. Will the countries be able to put aside their national interests?” the colonel asked.

At the same time, as the military expert pointed out, the price of the “failure” of the NATO multinational forces in Ukraine will be very high.
“U.S. President Joe Biden and his generals should understand how detrimental a military failure will be to American society after the failures of the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. American military morale is at a low level. Recruitment into the armed forces is harder than ever,” he stressed. McGregor, noting that the country's economic prospects are “even gloomier.”

In addition, the colonel criticized the American leader's nuclear policy.

“Biden's nuclear policy option, allowing a preventive strike against the enemy, is dangerous and destructive not only for America, but also for its allies,” McGregor concluded.
The United States authorities have repeatedly stressed that American military personnel will not take part in military operations on the territory of Ukraine. US Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith also said that the alliance should not be directly involved in the conflict. At the same time, Petraeus suggested that a multinational contingent could be involved in Ukraine, but not as a NATO force, but under the leadership of Washington.
President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned of serious consequences in the event of a clash between NATO troops and the Russian army. He emphasized that such a development of events would lead to a global catastrophe, but expressed the hope that Western leaders were smart enough not to take such steps.

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