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Avakov, in a conversation with pranksters, promised Ukrainians a hard winter

MOSCOW, Nov 3 The situation in Ukraine is complex and difficult, and it will get worse in winter due to problems with heating and electricity, former Ukrainian interior minister Arsen Avakov told Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus, thinking he was talking to former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.
“The situation is very complicated, in my opinion, and not only from the point of view of the current hostilities, but from the point of view of the internal situation in the country.There is a very difficult winter ahead, very difficult, when the problem will not even be in money, but in money, there will, of course, be a problem. The problem will be purely in the physical processes of heating, electricity, and so on,” he said during a prank, the video of which was posted on the bloggers' Telegram channel.
Internal freedoms will have to be limited against the backdrop of problems in the country, Avakov admitted. In addition, according to him, many unresolved problems remain inside the country, among them is corruption.

“The monopoly of power, which has now been established in all its manifestations, has a big problem… , then I can say that another problem has not gone away – the situation with corruption. It is smoldering, and many facts are outrageous. And, unfortunately, this will never be able to be hidden or corrected, that is, it will crawl out, and it will discredit the government. And the Zelensky administration will have a very hard time in this regard,” the ex-head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs added.

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