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Biden says democracy is at stake in upcoming elections

WASHINGTON, Nov 3 US President Joe Biden said that American democracy is at stake in the upcoming elections and has accused its political opponents of encroaching on its foundations.
On November 8, Americans will have to determine the entire composition of the House of Representatives and vote for a third of the Senate. The midterm elections threaten to deprive Biden's party Democrats of full control of Congress.

“A lot is at stake in this midterm election, from our economy, the safety of our streets, to personal freedoms, the future of health care, social security … All of this is important. But something else is at stake: democracy itself,” Biden said, speaking at a campaign rally in Washington.

“It's true that we are now fighting for democracy, for dignity and honor, for prosperity and progress, for the very soul of America. Don't be fooled – democracy is on the ballot,” he added .
He accused his opponents, supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump, of provoking political violence, intimidating voters, and trying to sow doubts about the integrity of the electoral system. to your candidates, and abandoned when it doesn't happen… We don't solve disputes in America with riots, mobs, bullets or hammers,” Biden said. He again equated the recent attack on the home of the husband of his ally, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, with the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters, who still does not concede defeat in the 2020 election. the response accused Biden of seeking to sow discord at a time when America needs unity.

“It's because he can't talk about his policies, which have driven up the cost of living. Americans don't buy that.” “, – he wrote on Twitter.

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