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Foreign Ministry promised to respond to the expulsion of a Russian diplomat from Chisinau

MOSCOW, Nov 2 The expulsion of a Russian diplomat from Moldova is yet another confirmation of Chisinau's course to dismantle cooperation between the two countries, which will not go unanswered by Russia, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.
multifaceted nature and deep historical roots. … Chisinau's actions will not go unanswered by the Russian side,” Zakharova was quoted on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry in a comment about Chisinau's decision to declare an employee of the Russian embassy in Chisinau persona non grata the day before.

>Such actions, Zakharova noted, are carried out “not without the prompting of Chisinau's European and overseas patrons.” This unfriendly step is an element of the active anti-Russian campaign of the pro-Western political establishment and the media of Moldova “Zakharova added. The goals of the anti-Russian campaign are to distract the citizens of the country from the difficult domestic political and economic situation, which the Moldovan authorities are unable to cope with, she also noted. close countries. We are convinced that this does not correspond to their long-term interests, first of all, to the Republic of Moldova itself,” Zakharova concluded. Earlier, at the end of October, the Moldovan Foreign Ministry announced that one of the employees of the Russian Embassy in Chisinau had been declared persona non grata and had to leave the country.

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