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Media: British “Rambo” no longer wants to fight for the Armed Forces

MOSCOW, Nov 3 British mercenary Sharif Amin wants to return home and forget about participating in the conflict on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, writes Exxpress.
“Rambo, as the mercenary was called by his comrades, is fed up with participating in the conflict, like many other volunteers,” wrote columnist Richard Schmitt.
He said that Amin, a veteran of the Afghan war who served in the British battalion The Rifles, ended up in a Ukrainian hospital after being seriously injured by shelling. According to the doctors whose conversations the mercenary heard, he should not have survived, but their predictions did not come true.

“Now Sharif Amin wants to return home to the UK with his Ukrainian girlfriend Elena,” Schmitt said.
According to the publication, 7,300 mercenaries from different countries went to fight in Ukraine as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is believed that 2,700 of them have already been killed, many of those who survived want to return home.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that in eight months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine recruited more than eight thousand mercenaries from more than 60 states . The most numerous groups came from Poland, USA, Canada, Romania and Britain.

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