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Parliamentary elections in the LPR may be held in autumn 2023

LUHANSK, November 3 to pass in September 2023, Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic Denis Miroshnichenko said in an interview.
“We are already preparing for the standards of the Russian Federation in terms of the population of our region, already as a subject of the Russian Federation. It is already clear that the apparatus will be reorganized to fit the work of the People's Council We will already start this work, and most likely it will start from January (2023 – ed.) … Already from January there will be the first changes, and we will already begin to reorganize for the work that will begin as early as September next year, according to federal law, when the elections are held,” Miroshnichenko said.
The Chairman of the Parliament specified that, accordingly, in September next year after the elections, both the quantitative and qualitative composition of the Parliament will change.

Chi here is the full text of Denis Miroshnichenko's interview >>

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