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In the United States called the “reddest” line for Russia

MOSCOW, 4 Nov. Ukraine's entry into the North Atlantic Alliance is unacceptable to Russia, David Rundell, the former head of the US diplomatic mission in Saudi Arabia, wrote in an article for Newsweek. the author said.
In particular, he drew attention to the historical significance of Crimea, which, if it were part of NATO, would provoke the same reaction from the Kremlin as Cuba with Soviet nuclear missiles stationed there near Washington.

Despite it is that the Alliance countries deliberately ignored the interests of Russia's regional security, continuing to accept the former countries of the USSR into their ranks, Rundell believes. he cites the words of American diplomat George Kennan.
The author of the article was struck by the lack of efforts on the part of Western countries to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.
“The ceasefire, the neutrality of Ukraine, the lifting of economic sanctions – all these issues need to be discussed. There is no need to dismiss them. It's time to stop the bloodshed,” he stressed .

According to the observer, politicians in the US lose sight of how high the cost of financing Kyiv is for the American public.

“Ukraine remains a corrupt country that is very difficult to help – you can't give money to a person with a hole in your pocket endlessly,” Randell said.
On the other hand, as the expert stressed, Russia is a country that provides itself with food, energy and weapons .
“The ruble is stronger today than it was a year ago. Western sanctions have caused more chaos in Europe than in Russia.
It may be worth remembering that Putin's parents survived the siege of Leningrad, when six hundred thousand people preferred to die than surrender to the enemy. It is unlikely that Putin will change his strategy due to the fact that he can no longer buy a Big Mac,” the publication recalled. Donbass about joining Russia.
The Russian side has repeatedly stated that in Ukraine, Russia is opposed by the entire NATO bloc.
Shortly before the start of the special operation, the Alliance adopted a new Strategic Concept, in which called Moscow a direct threat to the bloc's security.

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