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Netanyahu's bloc wins majority in Israeli elections

TEL AVIV, Nov 3 Former Prime Minister Binyamin's block Netanyahu received a parliamentary majority of 64 votes in the elections to the 25th Knesset, the Israeli Central Election Commission said after the completion of the vote count. Former Prime Minister Yair Lapid 24 seats, far-right Religious Zionism bloc becomes third largest faction with 14 MPs. to parliament from the ultra-Orthodox Shas party and seven parliamentarians will be able to bring the ultra-religious Yaadut HaTorah into the legislature. The Israel Our Home party, finance minister Avigdor Lieberman, receives six mandates, the Raam Arab party will take five seats, the Hadash-Taal bloc of Arab parties will take the same number, and the Labor party will get four seats.

Left “Meretz”, which was part of the former government coalition, for the first time did not pass the electoral threshold. The Arab party “Balad” will not get into the Knesset either.
Thus, ex-Prime Minister Netanyahu can form a right-wing religious coalition with his traditional partners, based on a parliamentary majority of 64 deputies.
The bloc of his opponents has 46 votes, ten – from the Arab parties.
In Israel, a political crisis has been going on for several years. The current vote was the fifth special election in three and a half years.

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