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U.S. court orders external surveillance of Trump's company

WASHINGTON, Nov 4 external surveillance by the Trump Organization to prevent continued “fraudulent activity” at former US President Donald Trump's company, local media reported.
The decision will limit the company's ability to close deals, sell assets and change corporate structure.

Judge Arthur Engron said that Trump and his company “have demonstrated a propensity for fraud” and the appointment of a third-party controller will prevent “further fraudulent or illegal activities pending the completion of the lawsuit.”

In a New York court a state civil lawsuit is pending against the Trump Organization, which is suspected of violating financial reporting rules in order to obtain tax breaks and other economic benefits. In total, 10 counts were brought against the Trump Organization, and 15 counts against the former financier.
The prosecution, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, is interested in whether Trump's company violated the law by filing a low value on tax returns but using a high value to get tax breaks and impress creditors. Democrat James is seeking a $250 million fine and a permanent ban on Republican Trump doing business within the state. The ex-president denies all allegations.
Trump criticized the judge's decision, calling him “a puppet of the New York Attorney General and other sworn enemies of the Republican Party.”
“This is communism coming to our shores. Business will flee New York.” York, which is already happening, to other states and countries. Today's ridiculous decision is politically motivated,” the former president said in a statement. He called on the New York and Florida courts to “stop this inquisition.”

“We need to fight back against radical tyranny and save our country,” Trump said.

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