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Wedding in Butyrka, divorce and love. How did Emelianenko get his ex back?

The scandalous mixed martial arts fighter (MMA) Alexander Emelianenko on October 15 remarried Polina Seledtsova. The first marriage of lovers lasted three years. We tell how love influenced the most controversial representative of Russian martial arts.

Emelianenko met Polina in 2011. The couple quickly began a romantic relationship. The age difference did not bother anyone. At the time of meeting Alexander was already 30 years old. Young Polina was only 19. Back then, Emelianenko's life was like a roller coaster. The fighter achieved significant success in the cage. However, in his free time, he had fun and liked to make a fuss. The athlete molested the passengers, provoked them into a fight and behaved violently.

Later there was a scandal in a Moscow restaurant. Emelianenko got into a fight with a visitor. The fighter came drunk to training, and also drove with pleasure on the roads of the country. In May 2014, he flew into a pole somewhere near Tambov. Surprisingly, according to the traffic police, Emelianenko turned out to be sober.

If Polina was embarrassed by something in her lover's behavior, she diligently kept silent. The girl supported Sasha to the end.

Marriage in prison
The wedding is always the culminating moment for lovers. Young people played it in 2015. But not everything is so simple. At that time, Emelianenko was accused of raping a housekeeper. The athlete was sentenced to 4.5 years. Seledtsova did not believe in such slander and promised to wait for a fighter from prison. . The young people signed right within the walls of Butyrka.

Divorce and reunification
A year later, Emelianenko was released and continued his career. Alexander's life began to improve. However, the couple divorced in 2018. The reasons were not covered.

At the same time, the separation did not last long. After a while, they began to notice them together again. Then Emelianenko published a video in which the lovers got married. And already in October of this year, the couple re-registered the marriage. The ceremony took place in Moscow.

First marriage
Few people know, but before the advent of Seledtsova, Alexander was already married. The first wife's name was Olga Gorokhova. The couple met in 2004, when Sasha was just starting his career.

Olga was involved in athletics. Quite quickly, Gorokhova announced her pregnancy. Emelianenko had to propose to the girl.

The marriage did not last long. The couple divorced after five years. They parted peacefully and without scandals, as Alexander loves. From the marriage of the athlete, the daughter Polina, who lives with her mother, remained.

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