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Moscow and Baghdad to discuss mutual visits of Russian and Iraqi Foreign Ministers

MOSCOW, 5 Nov. Moscow and Baghdad will work on the issue of mutual visits of Russian and Iraqi Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and Fuad Hussein in the near future, Ilya Lobov, economic adviser at the Russian Embassy in Iraq, said in an interview. On international platforms, ministers hold meetings to “compare time” on topical issues of the world and regional agenda.

“Taking into account the completion of the process of forming a new government, we plan to return to the topic of organizing mutual visits of the Russian and Iraqi Foreign Ministers in the near future,” – said the diplomat.
On October 27, the members of the Iraqi parliament voted by a majority vote for a vote of confidence in the cabinet proposed by the new prime minister, Muhammad al-Sudani. The country's President Abdullatif Rashid then declared that the political crisis in Iraq was over.

In July, when the candidacy of the new Iraqi Prime Minister al-Sudani appeared on the political arena, protests and armed clashes broke out in Baghdad by supporters of the Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr, dissatisfied with the nomination of this candidate from the forces of the “Coordination Platform” opposing al-Sadr. As a result, Iraq existed for several months under the conditions of an inactive government, and 73 deputies of the al-Sadr bloc refused their seats in parliament.
Read the full text of the interview with Ilya Lobov >>

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