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“My brother is dead to me.” Why Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko are at enmity

The conflict between the Emelianenko brothers has been going on for many years. Although before they supported each other in everything. What happened?

Strong friendship turned into enmity
Fyodor Emelianenko is five years older than his brother Alexander. It is logical that it was Fedor who was the first to start practicing martial arts. At the age of ten, he began to master sambo and judo and regularly brought little Alexander to the gym. Thanks to this, the younger brother also became interested in martial arts, in the future their paths with Fedor constantly intersected.They helped each other in preparation for the battles, while speaking as warmly as possible about their relationship. But then there was a breakdown. Fedor continued to fight successfully in MMA and arranged his personal life, while Alexander's career stalled. Largely because of his riotous lifestyle. The younger brother constantly got into some kind of trouble: he fought in restaurants, got into an accident while drunk.All this could not end well. In 2014, a criminal case was opened against Alexander. He was suspected of sexual assault against a 26-year-old housekeeper. In May 2015, the court sentenced him to 4.5 years in prison, but the fighter was released in late autumn 2016 on parole. However, his relationship with his brother only got worse. Apparently, Fedor was tired of enduring his brother's antics and stopped communicating with him. And even more so to train, seeing the state in which he appears in public.

After prison, Alexander gave an interview in which he publicly confirmed for the first time that they no longer have any relationship with Fedor. And then in the “Soviet Sport” appeared much harsher statements from the youngest of Emelianenko.

"I always and in everything tried to stand up for Fedor, went into conflicts because of him. But apparently he didn't care. Now he has surrounded himself with "friends" who run after him, and no one will ever tell him the truth to his face for fear of losing profitable connections. Some sycophants around him", — Alexander recalled.The reason for the conflict was how Fedor reacted to the conflict between his younger brother and their former sparring partner Sergei Kharitonov. According to Alexander, his brother did not stand up for him and kept aloof. He considered it a betrayal. And then Fedor took the floor, who wrote an open letter in which he called the younger Judas. At the same time, one must understand that the elder Emelianenko always tried to express himself correctly and did not allow himself insults, but then he simply broke loose."You called my loved ones sycophants. The sycophant is you, Judas. I am sorry that the people who were close by and supported you in difficult times are suffering. I personally apologized for you to more than a dozen people. You can say whatever you want to me, I will endure it, but don't you dare insult my loved ones. You say everywhere that you are a master of sports in judo, but this is not true. You're lying to everyone", said Fedor.

Alexander said that he expected similar statements from his brother. And he added that in Fedor “there is more shit than he weighs.” Surprisingly, after that, the conflict subsided for several years. Alexander went to battles with strange opponents and remained silent.

“Let him light a candle for the dead”
Fyodor also lived his own life, but did not say anything about his brother. Neither good nor bad. Until suddenly in 2019, in an interview with Sport24, Emelianenko Sr. suddenly said that his younger brother was dead for him at the moment. strong>"For me today, Alexander is dead. But I pray that he comes to life and is found. Let him first apologize to those whom he raped, insulted, offended, cheated on money, and so on. In front of everyone he called animals. Do you know how many years I've been helping him? Lots of. Now the best help would be not to help him. That's all",Fyodor said.

It didn't take long to wait for an answer from Alexander. He posted a post on his social networks, where he stated the following.

“Am I dead? Let him light a candle for the deceased Alexander. Here is my answer him. Let him go and light a candle for the repose of his brother, whom he buried alive, “wrote Emelianenko Jr.

There were rumors that the brothers could fight against each other, but then the topic subsided. After the defeat of Alexander from Vyacheslav Datsik, Fedor admitted that he would like to advise his brother to change his lifestyle and put things in order in his soul. Perhaps one day the Emelianenko brothers will reconcile and support each other again.

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