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The Prosecutor General's Office of Moldova allowed the liquidation of the opposition party “Shor”

CHISINAU, Nov 4 Moldovan Prosecutor General Ion Munteanu said on Friday about the possible liquidation of the opposition Shor party, which is holding mass rallies and other protests in Chisinau. “if it is proved that this political formation was illegally financed.

“If I'm not mistaken, the Shor party has the status of a suspect in a criminal case that is under the jurisdiction of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office. If this criminal case is submitted for consideration by the judges and the relevant party as a defendant, one of the sanctions against the legal entity is liquidation. And if such decisions are made, there is a risk of liquidation of the legal entity, call it a party if you like,” Munteanu said on the air of the Vocea Basarabiei (“Voice of Bessarabia”) TV channel.

The Shor Party, which is joined by the Party of Communists of Moldova (PCRM), has been holding protests in Chisinau since mid-September. The protesters accuse the authorities of failing to cope with the crisis, point to a record inflation over the past 20 years, which in September amounted to 33.97% on an annualized basis. The country's leadership is criticized for its unwillingness to negotiate with Russia on better gas prices, as well as for political pressure on opposition representatives. searches, and its representatives are detained by employees of anti-corruption departments. Under house arrest is the vice-chairman of the political party Marina Tabuer.
The opposition is counter-accusing the country's leadership of political persecution, suppression of protests and usurpation of power. In October, after another mass rally, fighters from the Fulger (Lightning) and Scorpion (Scorpion) special battalions dispersed a peaceful demonstration and dismantled an opposition tent city that had been set up in front of the parliament building. The Shor Party blamed the incident on President Maia Sandu and Interior Minister Anna Revenko.

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