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The Socialist Party of Moldova held protests in five districts of the country

CHISINAU, Nov 5 The Party of Socialists of Moldova held actions on Saturday protest against the anti-social state policy and pressure of the authorities on the opposition, the press service of the political force reported.
“Today, new protests against the abuses, anti-social and anti-state policies pursued by the PDS regime took place in the districts of Drokia, Taraclia, Cahul, Ungheni and Cimislia. The Socialists intend to continue the protests and consolidate the society in order to achieve the main goal – holding early parliamentary elections,” the party's website said in a statement. leading to an increase in tariffs and prices for goods and services. They also oppose the persecution of political opponents and the use of law enforcement agencies for political purposes by the ruling Action and Solidarity party. social institutions in settlements, including schools and hospitals, were deprived of funding, villages and cities were in darkness, and citizens were left face to face with numerous problems provoked by the country's leadership and do not know how to survive,” the socialists say.
Previously, the Socialist Party has already taken a number of actions in support of local authorities. Protest rallies, press conferences were organized, draft laws were initiated, and so on. On the platform “Common Agenda”, together with seven other parties, the Socialist Party signed an appeal to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, which reflects the facts of abuse by the ruling party “Action and Solidarity” against opposition representatives of local authorities.

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