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Zelensky's tough statement about Russia infuriated the Germans

MOSCOW, 5 Nov. Readers of the German publication Zeit criticized the words of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who said that Russia is misleading the world by talking about its willingness to negotiate.
“This guy accuses Russia of lying, while he himself forbids talks with Putin? Is he laughing at us? Someone needs to go on vacation,” wrote one user.
“Did I miss something? I recently read that Ukraine now sees no place for negotiations. It's time to replace this actor a more responsible president,” another commentator shared his opinion.

“Explain to Zelensky that the conflict needs to be resolved through diplomacy, especially when you are not in the strongest position. Or hint the United States to appoint a new president of Ukraine and removed this clown,” another reader sneered.
“Do we really have to believe the words of a man who sends Ukrainians to their deaths? Russia has been telling everyone about its security guarantees for several years, they were ignored. tog,” a fourth user emphasized.

“Zelensky signs a decree banning negotiations with Putin, and now he complains about Moscow’s unwillingness to negotiate. It is as strange as possible,” commented the fifth commentator. The press secretary of President Vladimir Putin, commenting on Zelensky’s decision, recalled that “two sides” are needed for negotiations and that Russia now has to wait either for “a change in the position of the current president of Ukraine” or “the future president of Ukraine, who will change his position in the interests of the Ukrainian people.” .
Moscow has repeatedly stated that the Russian side has been in favor of a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the situation from the very beginning.

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