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American activists noted the demotivation of supporters of the Democrats

WASHINGTON, Nov 7 Voter apathy and feelings of powerlessness could affect the results of the midterm congressional elections, especially among supporters of the Democratic Party, are considered by the polled American activists.
In the United States, on November 8, the main voting day will be held in the midterm elections to both houses of the US Congress, as well as the election of governors of several states and heads of territories.
Constitutional lawyer Dimitra Stafopoulos pointed out that the current politicians in power have not fulfilled their own pre-election commitments given to the American people.

“What other options do we have? Everything is too authoritarian from top to bottom. what are they going to do?” she said.
“I think that these midterm elections will be eye-opening, we will see a low result,” the lawyer said, adding that she no longer supports the current US President Joe Biden, although she voted for him in 2020.

She believes that the population is demotivated, apathetic and does not believe in the current political system, and the Americans themselves should take to the streets and protest against the economic mistakes of the authorities.
“There is nothing in this country that needs to be saved,” Stafopoulos stressed.< br>
Redress Movement Organizational Director Ria Thomson-Washington also points to voter apathy while criticizing Washington for billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine amid a lack of domestic investment.

“They are spending billions and billions on Ukraine, but there is no investment at all in some of our communities,” the activist said.
She pointed out that if the Biden administration were serious about solving problems at home, then the authorities would be engaged in the elimination of child poverty and education issues.

Former North Carolina Democratic National Committee organizer Kerra Bolton notes a sense of powerlessness and lack of attention to key US issues, including the ban on abortion.
“Abortion was a big problem, which energized white women. All these women said they would march after Roe v. Wade, but they barely did anything,” Bolton said. Attitudes towards abortion are one of the main markers of political identity in The United States and an important dividing line between the current ruling Democrats and the Republicans in opposition. The former demand that the woman be given the right to decide how to deal with pregnancy, the latter insist on the priority value of the life of the fetus in the womb.

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