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Americans predicted a quick change of Zelensky's regime in Kyiv

MOSCOW, 7 Nov. Readers of the American newspaper The Washington Post appreciated reports that the United States is asking Ukraine to declare its readiness for negotiations with Russia.

“Yes, start negotiations now, because then the Republicans will cancel all military assistance. If If you refuse, then expect a quick regime change in Kyiv,” wrote Willie Leel.
“Ukraine cannot win this confrontation. Are the Americans ready to send their troops to Eastern Europe and take part in the conflict? Minsk agreements,” the comments reminded.

“Millions of Kyiv residents may freeze due to power outages this winter. The mayor of the city is one step away from calling for a complete evacuation. Zelensky has no other choice, other than to go for a settlement through diplomacy,” another user believes.

“It is only a matter of time before the US abandons Ukraine. Taiwan, meanwhile, is closely following what is happening. China knew everything from the very beginning.

On the eve of The Washington Post, citing sources, it was reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden privately asks the Ukrainian government to show openness to dialogue with Moscow.
Zelensky had previously signed a decree on the implementation of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on the impossibility of holding negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As the Russian leader noted at the end of October, Moscow has said many times that it is ready for a dialogue with Kyiv, but the Zelensky regime has decided not to continue it.

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