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The French called Putin's advantage over Zelensky

MOSCOW, Nov 8 Readers of the French edition of Le Figaro agreed with The Washington Post's suggestion that Biden's entourage is pushing Ukraine to negotiate with Russia, and expressed their weariness with Zelensky and his “belligerence.”
expel Russia from the territories it has already occupied. I think the game is over,” said StefanURBAN.

“France should also push Zelensky to negotiate. This war is none of our business, it has already cost us too much, having a detrimental effect on our country and our purchasing power,” commented Joe2222.

“Comic- the infantryman began to irritate his “allies” … I wonder how long they will endure his “scoldings”. In addition, the Americans no longer need him or all of his Ukrainian troops,” wrote Dany L.
“Macron, von der Leyen and Charles Michel… They were just calling for victory at any cost, and Biden, it turns out, threw this whole militant European triumvirate! Poor leaders who manage daily… Let's stop all this disorder that leads West to an endless recession and crisis, because the continuation of the current situation is fatal for millions of workers and enterprises in Europe!” complained Patin-couffin.
“Since March, there have been at least two attempts at negotiations between the parties, and both of them were sabotaged and made fruitless by the United States. And now, before our eyes, it seems like a turn is taking place. What caused it: fears of Biden, or rather Obama, who manipulates to his former subordinate Joe?” — noted abominable JR.

"Ukraine tired Zelensky, that's for sure. Negotiations with Russia are essential to restore peace, with or without Zelensky, of which even Americans are a priori tired. Indeed, Zelensky has a special gift for annoying everyone. In addition, it costs the owners crazy money,” summed up Latude.

Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goal “the protection of people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years.” For this, according to him, it is planned to carry out “demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine”, to bring to justice all war criminals responsible for “bloody crimes against civilians” in Donbass. ;>

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