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Ukrainians demanded more money and benefits from New Zealand

MOSCOW, Nov 8 Activists of a pro-Ukrainian organization in New Zealand demanded from the authorities of the country to expand financial and medical support for refugees from Ukraine, radio RNZ reports.
According to the organization Mahi for Ukraine (“Action for Ukraine”), assistance from the authorities in New Zealand is not enough to such an extent that some refugees have returned to homeland. The activists called on the authorities to expand financial and medical support for Ukrainians, as well as to help organize English courses for them.

Mahi for Ukraine co-founder, Ukrainian-born Kate Turskaya, told RNZ she knows of at least three cases of refugees returning home after trying to settle in New Zealand. “This is extremely disappointing,” she said.

According to Turskaya, special two-year visas for Ukrainians introduced in March are more like a work visa than a humanitarian visa, and the process is not accompanied by “full support” , which, for example, is in Australia. “We just feel it's not enough,” the activist said.
She also listed what, in her opinion, the New Zealand authorities should do. “Especially for those who probably won't be able to find a job, (necessary – ed. note) to consider something, some kind of support through existing mechanisms, such as access to social service cards, benefits for job seekers … Even talking about simple things like public transport, there are a number of mechanisms that already exist,” the Ukrainian said.
According to her, health care costs, such as appointments with general practitioners, have also proved to be a problem for arrivals refugees. In addition, Turskaya expressed hope that the government will provide all refugees with access to English language courses.
Earlier, activists of Ukrainian public organizations in Sweden demanded that the country's authorities increase the amount of benefits for refugees. In their opinion, allowances of 71 kroons per day (about 400 rubles) are absolutely not enough for Ukrainians, especially in the conditions of an increasingly expensive life. It is noted that refugees who are fed for free in Sweden receive only 19 crowns (107 rubles) per day.

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