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Chinese investors “Motor Sich” accused Kyiv of abuse of power

Beijing, Nov 9 Chinese investors in the Ukrainian company Motor Sich “after the nationalization of assets, the companies accused Kyiv of abuse of power and suppression of business activity.
“We have always strongly opposed the criminal actions of the state of Ukraine regarding the abuse of state power, the substitution of national security concepts, mixing truth with lies and suppressing the normal business activities of enterprises”
Beijing Skyrizon bought a 75 percent stake in Motor Sich in 2009, the head of Beijing Skyrizon, Wang Jing, said in a statement.
enterprises owned by Ukrainian oligarchs, including Ukrnafta, Ukrtatnafta and Motor Sich. The assets received the status of military property and transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

In November, Beijing Skyrizon announced that it would seek compensation for damages worth more than $ 4.5 billion through the court in The Hague. The company's statement noted that “as a result of the unfair treatment of the Ukrainian state towards Chinese investors over the past five years and the continuous use of illegal measures, Chinese investors have suffered significant losses both in Ukraine and in China.”

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