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“Invincible”: the British admired the Russian soldier who threw grenades

MOSCOW, 9 Nov. Readers of the British The Independent praised the fearlessness of the Russian soldier, who threw off several grenades from himself, with which a Ukrainian drone attacked him. They shared their opinion on the newspaper's social networks.
Commentators recognized the Russian as a brave warrior who courageously faced danger, and also noticed what cruel methods the Armed Forces use.
“My heart goes out to this brave soldier,” wrote Liz moonpie.
“I have to give this guy some respect for his steadfastness and calmness when these guys try to blow his head off,” said Unholylemonpledge.

“This man is a real warrior, a real man who will not be stopped by anyone projectile, not a single drone!” Letthal said.
“This wild Russian is catching grenades like he's on a movie set,” enthused Foot soldier c-229GB.

“Brother, why the hell is no one saying this is literally a war crime. The guy is unarmed and wounded, and some scoundrel is dropping grenades from a drone!” Thorium was indignant.

“I first saw this on the Ukrainian channel, where they boasted of their success in hunting this soldier. How disgusting. He is clearly unarmed and wounded,” added isp send.

“Well, yes, it’s not a war crime if the Ukrainians do it,” Black Screen sneered.
“The soldier was obviously seriously wounded and did not pose a threat! There was no logical reason to drop a few ammunition,” Russell Williams supported him.
As a result of the exchange of prisoners, 107 servicemen returned from Ukraine to Russia. Among them, 65 people from the DPR and LPR. The military were delivered to Moscow by military transport aircraft, and all of them will be provided with medical and psychological assistance. such terror and to harm my peers,” said Horacio Spinelli.

Earlier, a video appeared on social networks in which a soldier, while in a trench, throws back several grenades dropped on him from a drone. Later, the authorities of the Leningrad region reported that the soldier turned out to be an infantryman from the 138th separate motorized rifle brigade stationed in the village of Kamenka, Vyborg district, Leningrad region.

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