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Nobody needs a dzyuba? Who will take the forward after the failure in Turkey

The ex-forward of Zenit and the Russian national team stayed in Adana Demirspor for two and a half months. Of course, everything can be attributed to the peculiarities of the Turkish football management, which does not consider it necessary to pay large salaries on time. For Dzyuba, the financial issue is far from the last, and the delay in salary with a promise to pay it next year is a serious reason for terminating the contract. Even if by agreement of the parties.

Only for “Adana” the widely publicized Russian striker played in only five matches and scored one goal. Yes, and he actually stole from a teammate, finishing off the ball from the goal line. Meanwhile, the team from Adana, even without Dziuba, perfectly solves tournament problems under the leadership of the Italian Vicenzo Montella. After 12 rounds, “Adana” is in fourth place in the national championship after “Fenerbahce” and “Galatasaray”, as well as Recep Erdogan's favorite team – “Istanbul Beshehirspor”.

Montella set his team up for a high-speed game, in which Dzyuba did not fit at all. Something similar happened in the “Zenith” under Roberto Mancini, who relied on fast wingers and did not at all seek to rebuild the team game under Dziuba. Tall forward and at that time did not want to rebuild. Most often, after riding duels, he simply dropped the ball, which went to the defenders of the opponents. Mancini flew in an interview, as earlier to “coach” Unai Emery, but everything ended naturally: Dzyuba, who dreamed of playing at the home world championship, went on loan to Tula Arsenal.

Valery Nepomniachtchi, who knows Artem well from working together at Tom, very accurately noted that Dziuba, on the one hand, always needs to prove something to someone, and on the other, an understanding that he is a player of the main team. After all, Artyom's finest hour at the 2018 World Cup was largely the result of a combination of circumstances. Six months before the start of the World Cup, Stanislav Cherchesov did not rely on the then Zenit player. He claimed that he preferred playing with mobile forwards without a powerful centre-forward. This idea came to Russia after Euro 2016, where the national teams of Germany and Spain abandoned the “pillar” in the attack.

The leaders of Zenit, leaning on the interests of the national team, even offered to change Dzyuba for Fedor Smolov, but the owner of Krasnodar, Sergei Galitsky, vetoed this deal. And then Alexander Kokorin, who was considered the main player of the national team, was injured, failed the opening match of the 2018 World Cup against the Saudi Arabian national team Smolov – and Dziuba came to the fore.

Artem continued to enchant in the “Zenith” and after the end of the World Cup. We must pay tribute to the head coach of St. Petersburg Sergei Semak, who significantly expanded Dziuba's arsenal. He even began to show dispatching qualities. True, Artem had truly stellar partners in Zenit, who could supply the ball at the right time and work for him in defense. After the arrival of Serdar Azmun, the bunch of Zenit strikers was the best in the RPL.The decision of the leadership of Zenit not to offer a new contract to Dziuba, who turned 34 in August, was quite logical. It was not necessary to expect that Artem would add in some football components, there were plenty of Brazilians capable of creative attacking at Semak's disposal, and Artem's financial appetites forced him to think about the club's payroll. As the short voyage of the ex-captain of “Zenith” and the Russian team to Turkey showed, everything was calculated correctly in St. Petersburg. You can, of course, say that the good financial offer of Adana overshadowed purely football moments for Dzyuba, but at the age of 34 you need to weigh both your desires and your capabilities.

Immediately after Artem moved to the category of free agents, a wide nationwide discussion began on options for continuing his career. So far, there is no information about the interest in the Russian football player from the rich Middle Eastern clubs, where they could pull the contract at least at the level of Adana. Until recently, the fertile Chinese market, where Hulk and Axel Witsel earned money for a secure old age, closed. Of the European top 5, the 34-year-old Russian veteran will definitely not receive offers.

All that's left is RPL. Quite unexpectedly, Torpedo was declared the main contender for Dzyuba. The native Muscovite Artem never had anything to do with him, and for fans of car manufacturers this is a very important point. Torpedo President Ilya Gerkus told Sport that Dziuba is a high-class football player who could strengthen many RPL clubs. Only the Torpedo team is not currently negotiating with potential candidates to strengthen the squad. This information was confirmed by a source associated with the board of directors of Torpedo.

As Herkus noted, Dzyuba is not Diego Maradona, who could single-handedly decide the outcome of the meeting. He needs partners of the same class, and even suitable in style. It would be interesting to know the opinion of Andrey Talalaev, head coach of the Torpedo team, but for now he wisely refrains from commenting. It can only be stated with certainty that Gerkus, who very actively lobbied for Talalaev's candidacy for the post of head coach and is convinced of the correctness of this appointment, will not show such activity in relation to Dziuba. It is not certain that the 34-year-old veteran, who has not undergone a full-fledged pre-season, will cope with the role of a lifeguard in the spring part of the championship and pull Torpedo from the bottom of the standings without Azmun or the Hulk.

View Dzyubu is not worth it at all for the formation of a team for the future. In “Torpedo” there are already enough age players signed at different times, whose future is about to be decided. The transfer budget for the winter campaign at the club has not yet been discussed, but he is unlikely to pull Dzyuba's requests. Yes, and other RPL clubs have so far only denied the candidacy of the ex-forward of the Russian national team proposed by journalists.

What should Dzyuba do?

Search for options in Europe and Asia

Return to the RPL with a pay cut

Play for “Ruby” Slutsky in the First League

Another option (write in the comments)
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