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Pushkov issued a warning to Europe

MOSCOW, Nov. 9 Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the information about that the EU no longer sees a gas price ceiling as a suitable means of dealing with the energy crisis.
As Reuters reported earlier, citing diplomatic sources, a European Commission spokesman told EU delegates that it was impossible to create a gas price cap that would not affect long-term contracts and security of supply.

“The EU has faced a number of 'impossibility'. I think these two – the inability to set a ceiling on gas prices and the inability to allocate three billion euros to Ukraine – are not the last 'impossibility',” Pushkov wrote

The Executive Vice President of the European Commission (EC), Valdis Dombrovskis, announced yesterday that the European Union will not be able to allocate three billion euros of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine this year from a package of up to nine million ards of the euro promised in May.
The leaders of Western countries came up with the idea of ​​imposing a price limit on Russian energy resources at the June G7 summit. Restrictions for oil should come into force in December, and for oil products in February, but it was not possible to agree on gas. Russia has repeatedly warned that it will not export energy resources to countries that will apply the mechanism of compulsory restrictions on purchase prices. President Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow would not supply anything abroad if it would be contrary to its own interests.

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