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The expert suggested what Trump will do in Florida

MOSCOW, Nov 8 Former US President Donald Trump is waiting of the results of the congressional elections to announce his nomination for the post of head of state in the elections of 2024, said Vladimir Vasiliev, a Russian Americanist, a leading researcher at the Institute for the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
On Tuesday, November 8, the US congressional elections will be held. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate are at stake. Democrats now have majorities in both houses. Major polls are predicting success for Republicans, who have been in the minority in both houses for the past two years. Trump previously promised to make a “very big” announcement in Florida on Nov. 15.
“I think he will announce his nomination for the presidency of the United States and the start of the election campaign. After that, he will be able to collect money, organize a Political Action Committee (in his support). congressional elections) of the Republicans and his (Trump's) henchmen… This will be an official statement about the start of the race,” Vasiliev told the agency.

The success of the Republicans in the elections will create the necessary background for Trump's nomination, the analyst believes. According to him, a week after the congressional elections, that is, from November 8 to 15, the Trump campaign needs to evaluate the results of the elections.

“Trump officially and unofficially supports about half of the Republican congressional candidates. For “They are watching this – they will pass, they will not pass. Their result in the elections will show the level of Trump's popularity among voters and his influence within the Republican Party … It will be clear how strong the “Trump faction” is in the new Congress,” Vasilyev said.

At the same time, Trump actually has no competitors inside the Republican Party – he still enjoys wide support among ordinary Republicans, although he causes discontent among part of the party's top, the expert believes. “There is (Florida Governor Ron) DeSantis, but he is not a competitor, but rather a clone,” he stated.

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