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Viktor Filinkov, convicted in the “Penza case”, said that on his birthday his cell in the colony was covered with putty

Employees of IK-1 in the Orenburg region covered the cell of Viktor Filinkov convicted in the “Penza case” with dry putty on his birthday. This was reported to the Rupression project by its defender.

1Article“This is a concentration camp, Zhenya.” In the colony, Viktor Filinkov almost never leaves the ShIZO and solitary confinement, and his letters are stolen and forged

Since November 3, Filinkov has been held in solitary confinement, where he was transferred for two months. The day before, on November 8, the person involved in the “Penza case” was moved from one cell to another. In the new cell, all surfaces were covered with putty: a table, a bench, bedside tables, the inside of the cabinet, the floor and a toilet. As noted in Rupression, they did this in order to give him a new penalty.

Head PKT demanded that Filinkov clean the cell, but he only cleaned the table and bench that he used. This morning the violation was filed and submitted to the disciplinary commission for consideration.

In the summer of 2020, the court sentenced Filinkov to seven years in prison in the case of participation in the “terrorist community” Network “” (Part 2 of Article 205.4 of the Criminal Code). He said that he gave confessions under torture.

In August 2021, the man was taken to IK-1 after 45 days of transfer. After that, he is almost never released from the ShIZO and solitary confinement for various penalties.

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