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In Germany, a girl was rescued, whom a couple of pensioners kept locked up all her life

MOSCOW, 10 Nov. In Germany, a girl was released, who was kept locked up by her grandparents all her life, writes The Guardian.

"The girl, referred to simply as Maria in the German media, has spent the last seven and a half years in a locked room at her grandparents' house in Attendorn, a city of about 25 thousand people east of Cologne,” the publication says.

According to the publication, the doctors who examined the child found no signs of physical abuse or malnutrition. But during interrogation, the girl said that she had never seen a forest, had not been in a meadow, and had not driven a car.

According to the girl's father, when she was about six months old, he found a note on the windshield of the car, notifying his ex-wife's intention to leave for Italy with the child.

“When, in September 2015, the child's father told the social security authorities that he had repeatedly seen the mother and child in Attendorn, they questioned the girl's grandparents, but they were told that the couple lived in Italy,” the journalists write .
The prosecutor's office of the city of Siegen is investigating the mother, grandparents on the fact of unjustified imprisonment and ill-treatment of a minor child. The mother, reportedly 47, faces up to ten years in prison.

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