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Putin approved the foundations of the state policy for the preservation of spiritual values

MOSCOW, November 9 policy on the preservation and strengthening of traditional spiritual and moral values, the corresponding decree was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.
“I decide to approve the attached Fundamentals of State Policy for the Preservation and Strengthening of Traditional Russian Spiritual and Moral Values,” the document says.< br>
The concept of “traditional values” is formulated there as “moral guidelines that form the worldview of Russian citizens, passed down from generation to generation, underlying the all-Russian civic identity and a single cultural space of the country, strengthening civic unity, which have found their unique, original manifestation in the spiritual, historical and cultural development of the multinational people of Russia”.

These, according to the document, include “life, dignity, human rights and freedoms, patriotism, citizenship, service to the Fatherland and responsibility for its fate.” Also listed are “high moral ideals, a strong family, creative work, the priority of the spiritual over the material, humanism, mercy, justice, collectivism, mutual assistance and mutual respect, historical memory and the continuity of generations, the unity of peoples.”

The foundations of state policy also imply the formation of the image of Russia on the world stage as the custodian and defender of traditional universal human spiritual and moral values. In addition, one of the goals will be to protect the Russian language and counteract the excessive use of foreign vocabulary.
Among the “threats to traditional values” are the activities of extremist and terrorist organizations, “individual media”, the actions of the United States and other unfriendly states, transnational corporations and NGOs. In particular, we are talking about the destructive influence on Russians of “the cultivation of selfishness, permissiveness, immorality, the denial of the ideals of patriotism, service to the Fatherland, the natural continuation of life, the value of a strong family, marriage, large families, creative labor, Russia's positive contribution to world history and culture, the destruction traditional family through the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations”. All this is becoming a threat to the demographic situation in the country, the decree notes.

Departments responsible for the defense and security of the state, as well as other authorities within their powers, will take part in the implementation of state policy.
Decree comes into force from the date of its signing, November 9.

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