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The Network was outraged by the cost of the cake at the party of blogger Lerchek

MOSCOW, 10 Nov. Netizens were outraged by the high cost of the first piece of cake on blogger Lerchek's (Valery Chekalina's) birthday. It was sold for 1.7 million rubles.
Subscribers reacted ambiguously to the news. Some considered her act inappropriate.

"A feast during the plague!", "Some kind of spit to all the people! They arrange window dressing with songs and dances,” “They're freaking out with fat!”, “It would be better if they brought food to the Donbass!”, “It's ugly at such a time,” commentators were indignant.

Others wrote that the blogger has the right celebrate your birthday the way you want.

"If there was such an opportunity, you would do something else. People spend money how they want”, Well, good girl! If a person can afford it, why not,” “Many would dream of such a holiday!”, “Well done! You need to live a bright life,” said netizens.

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