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The State Duma is ready to consider proposals from the US Congress on dialogue

MOSCOW, Nov 9 If constructive suggestions from elected US congressmen act, the State Duma deputies will carefully consider them, said Yevgeny Popov, a member of the State Duma deputy group for relations with the US Parliament.
“We are open to contacts. Both on the bilateral agenda and on other issues, including the Ukrainian crisis. However, the American side is still has not shown any intention to break the Russophobic shell and move from senseless accusations to dialogue. The situation is unlikely to change even now. However, if constructive proposals are received, the deputies will carefully consider them. We will not force a dialogue, “Popov said.
midterm congressional elections. The leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, expressed confidence in the return of the House under the control of his party following the election results. According to the forecast of the NBC channel, the representatives of the Republican Party will have 220 seats in the House of Representatives, the Democrats – 215 seats. However, in the end, the results may not be very successful.

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