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Vice Governor of Kuban Naumov became mayor of Krasnodar

KRASNODAR, Nov. 9 Krasnodar City Council on the results of competitive procedures elected Vice-Governor of Kuban Yevgeny Naumov as the new mayor, the press service of the city administration reported. convocation,” the report says.

The previous mayor of Krasnodar, Andrey Alekseenko, left his post in August due to a transfer to another job. He headed the Council of Ministers in the liberated districts of the Kharkiv region, after which the City Duma announced a competition for a vacant position. From September 15 to October 14, 14 people submitted applications for participation in the competition. On Tuesday, a special competition commission, four members of which were appointed by the City Duma and four more by the governor of the region, held a competition and identified five candidates for the post of head of Krasnodar. Naumov's candidacy for the post of mayor of the regional capital was previously supported by the governor of the region Veniamin Kondratiev.

In his keynote speech, Naumov noted the need to create a social infrastructure, actively work with squatters, illegal seizure of green areas and traffic jams in Krasnodar . He also noted the forthcoming work with deceived equity holders who have not yet received their apartments or legal compensation. On Wednesday, the City Council made its final decision. Of the 46 deputies present, 41 voted for Naumov.
“I know how to act so that Krasnodar continues to move forward, the economy and the social sphere develop steadily, enterprises work without interruptions, and people's lives become more comfortable. To do this, we will use all possible tools and mechanisms: to participate in national projects, federal and regional programs,” Naumov's press service reports.

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