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A brave man instead of the “gouging” Milokhin. With whom will Medvedev win

While in big figure skating they are trying to maintain a competitive atmosphere and support the motivation of athletes in the context of Russia's suspension from international competitions, real spectator interest converted into millions of views of the next season of the television project “Ice Age”. People like to watch their favorite and not-so-favorite artists pair up with famous champions, while Tatyana Tarasova is always on the jury, and Alina Zagitova, Anna Shcherbakova and Alexei Yagudin are interviewed.

This season, 4 episodes have already been aired, and even more have been filmed. And, despite the fact that the line-up is truly stellar (the brightest, most successful and popular participants in the programs of past years), Evgenia Medvedev and her partners are most of all discussed. In the past year. As a partner, she got the tiktoker Danya Milokhin, perhaps the most scandalous and controversial character in a television project in history. In this sense, he turned out to be even cooler than Buzova – either he will drop Zhenya from support, or he will say something inappropriately, or Tatyana Anatolyevna will be angry. In general, interest in the couple went through the roof.

One could doubt about the technical and moral qualities of Milokhin as a partner, but the couple outwardly turned out to be incredibly spectacular. And, despite the absence of any relationship between the guys in life, they sparkled on the ice so that the main topic of discussion around Zhenya and Dani was “loves/dislikes”.

After a mind-blowing number for the blues “Dark Times”, during the rehearsals of which Zhenya even had to ask her mother to leave the hall, Tatyana Tarasova, with a smile that we had not seen for a long time, said: “What a charm! I'm delighted. Almost in an insane state “. Other members of the jury also lit up: “Your sex is also all right.” At the same time, the dance was not vulgar and vulgar, but Zhenya opened up in terms of plasticity and energy from an unseen side.

Well aware that the “romance” on the project is a profitable investment in the capital of its popularity, in the final Ilya Averbukh staged a number with a sensual kiss for Medvedeva and Milokhin. It all looked very natural and left a feeling of languid understatement. Especially considering that in that season Zhenya and Danya took only third place.

The couple's potential for collaboration and media remained huge, so this year Averbukh again invited Medvedev and Milokhin to his place. They are one of only two couples who haven't changed partners since last season. And now, after the fourth issue was filmed, Danya hastily left the project, in fact, leaving Zhenya to lose without a fight.

Obviously, Milokhin initially did not want to get involved in the new Glacier. It is quite hard physically, it takes a lot of time and effort, it forces you to adhere to discipline and regimen. Danya is not used to living in such a format for a long time – he is too eccentric and irresponsible. But in fairness, he honestly and immediately warned the organizers, that could leave at any moment. This conversation even got into the recording of the first issue. There was generally a wonderful dialogue in pictures.

Zhenya: “I won't say that I really missed it, but I'm glad to be here and that I have the most reliable partner in the world.” (Danya, who is standing nearby, rolls his eyes in surprise and laughs)

Danya: “I told Averbukh that if my soul suddenly wants to leave, you won't stop me. Averbukh said : “Okay, but I hope it won't.”

Milokhin’s soul eventually wanted mojito to Dubai, and Averbukh, who had worked with athletes and adult artists all his life, besides, he was a world champion and Olympic medalist with an appropriate level of responsibility, could not imagine that you could just take it and leave like that. show in the midst of filming. Something happened that no one was ready for, but that could not happen.

Zhenya began to look for a new partner – it would be unprofitable for the project to lose such a cool participant with her own large audience. And a partner was found – perhaps the best of all who could be imagined. This is actor Fyodor Fedotov, who starred in the film “Silver Skates”, and concurrently the winner of last year's “Ice Age” (paired with Tatyana Volosozhar). Instead of a charming “gouging”, two-time world champion and vice-champion of the Olympics Evgenia Medvedeva, they finally picked up a serious guy with experience and ambitions.

Ilya Averbukh commented on the choice of a new partner for Medvedeva: “Fyodor Fedotov is a hero, a brave man who is not afraid of any comparisons. A partner she can trust. This is already a big victory that the new couple took place, that it did not break us. I am grateful Zhenya for her character and stamina”.

Zhenya herself is glad not so much for the opportunity to perform and continue to participate in filming, but for her relationship with a new partner and the good grades that the couple managed to get.

“We skated two numbers with Fedya Fedotov with very good marks. I finally exhaled and crossed myself, because finally good marks. I can say as much as I like that I understand that this is a show and all that. But as an athlete, I worry when we are “They put it and you feel some kind of bias. It's very frustrating, right to tears. It was good today,” Medvedeva said for Sport24.

“Fedya and I really like what we do. I am very comfortable with him in terms of height, speed, and skills. The most important thing is that we respect each other as people. For me, as it turned out, this is very, very important You can turn a blind eye to how your partner talks to you as much as you like, but in great contrast, I felt that this is how a partner and a partner should respect and interact with each other, “added Medvedev.

br>At the end of this material, one could give a long list of sayings in different forms, but with one meaning: everything that is done is for the better. Zhenya will no longer combine the role of a project participant, a playing coach and a kindergarten teacher. Danya made a choice without betraying himself and his own desires – all these difficulties of overcoming are not very interesting to him. Fedor has partnered with a fearless beauty who is determined to win this season of Ice Age and make her new partner a two-time winner. The audience had time to get scared and rejoice for the fate of one of their most beloved participants, and Ilya Averbukh will be able to put on more than one first-class number for Medvedeva and Fedotov, who have almost no limits in terms of skill within the project.

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