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In Ukraine called the condition for the immediate victory of Russia

MOSCOW, 11 Nov. The termination of financial assistance to Kyiv from the United States would mark a victory for Russia, Taras Kachka, deputy head of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, told The Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin. Russia's victory”, – the words of the official are quoted in the article.

The author of the article agreed with Kachka's opinion that problems await Kyiv without constant support from the United States, Europe and the International Monetary Fund.

“If this happens, the Ukrainian armed forces will not be able to fight,” the observer referred to the opinion

The article notes that some Republican congressmen have already called for a complete end to aid to Ukraine.

“According to several lawmakers and senior congressional officials, Kevin < /strong>McCarthy and other GOP leaders are already debating how to adjust financial aid to Kyiv after winning a majority of seats in the House and Senate to respond to a wide range of concerns in their group. Some far-right lawmakers are calling for a complete end to aid to Ukraine,” the journalist wrote.

The US midterm elections were held on November 8. According to the forecast of the NBC television channel, the Republicans will have 220 seats in the House of Representatives, the Democrats – 215. The counting of votes continues.

Several candidates who have criticized the multibillion-dollar military aid to Ukraine from the administration of President Joe Biden are going to the Senate and the House of Representatives of the US Congress in the midterm elections. Among them, Rand Paul, who blocked the decision to allocate $ 40 billion in aid to Kyiv, and JD Vance, known for calls to limit support for the former Soviet republic.

Also, Republican Marjorie Taylor Green, author of resolutions to impeach the current US President Joe Biden. Before the elections, she promised that “under the Republicans, Ukraine will not get a penny”
Against the background of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Western countries continue to arm Kyiv. Moscow has repeatedly stated that the supply of weapons only prolongs the conflict, and the transport of weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Russian military. As Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized, Western actions will only have a negative effect.

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