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Kemerovo deputies elected a new mayor of the city

KEMEROVO, November 10 the duties of the head of the city Dmitry Anisimov, follows from the results of the voting of deputies of the city council of people's deputies.
It was reported that on September 19, Governor Sergei Tsivilev in his Telegram channel announced that the head of Kemerovo, Ilya Seredyuk, would head the regional government instead of Vyacheslav Telegin, who resigned on August 5, and instructed to begin the procedure for the early termination of the powers of the head of Kemerovo as soon as possible. On September 20, deputies of the Kemerovo City Council accepted Seredyuk's resignation and appointed First Deputy Mayor Dmitry Anisimov as interim head in place of the resigned Ilya Seredyuk. , among which is the acting head Dmitry Anisimov.

“There are 35 deputies in the hall, 35 deputies are in favor,” said the chairman of the counting commission, announcing the results of voting for the candidacy of Dmitry Anisimov. Yury Andreev, Speaker of the City Council of People's Deputies.
Dmitry Anisimov was born in 1983 in Kemerovo. In 2005, he graduated with honors from the Kuzbass State Technical University, having received the qualification of an engineer with a degree in industrial and civil construction. He began his career as a manager at Amtel Tire-Kuzbass LLC. In 2005, he became director of Kuznetsky Ugol LLC. In 2008, he was the head of the capital construction department of KOAO ORTON. In 2011, he headed the municipal enterprise of the city of Kemerovo “City Department of Capital Construction”. Since April 2016 – Deputy Mayor, Head of the City Development Department. Since May 2018 – First Deputy Mayor.

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