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“Milokhin acted like Yeltsin”: the choreographer of “Lednikovy” told the truth


Two-time world champion in ice dancing, choreographer Maxim Stavisky told Sport about his partner Evgenia Medvedeva in the show, invited Anna Shcherbakova to think about the end of her career and the indispensability of Kamila Valieva.

— What is it like to do the entertainment project “Ice Age” in such a sad time?

“The time is not easy, but, probably, in a difficult time, such programs are needed. We discussed this within the team, and Tatyana Anatolyevna (Tarasova) said: “Do you know that even in besieged Leningrad, theaters were working all the time?” Like it or not, but people need some kind of paint, or something … Otherwise, everything will be completely depressing. So we try to bring a little light and goodness into life. Our guys-artists are also all very conscious, they work, plow. The pace is very high – it is necessary to deliver two programs to each pair in 10 days.

– It's just that if you miss one day of training, you won't have enough time before filming. And it's possible to “fly” well like that.

— And yet, lately we realized that, apparently, not everyone on the project was conscious. I'm talking about Danya Milokhin, of course.

“To be honest, I don’t even know how to comment on this situation. The official information was an absolute copy of Yeltsin's words: “I'm tired, I'm leaving.” What actually happened and why Danya left the project, I do not know. Before that, he worked well, with desire, with pleasure. He liked everything very much. Yes, and he would not have gone into the second season, if he did not like it. He is a freedom-loving person, and it is very difficult to force him to do what is unpleasant for him. and suddenly he disappeared. I still can't find the real reason for myself. Don't know. And to be honest, I don't want to know.

– Many had an assumption that this situation was an element of a PR campaign for the project organized by Ilya Averbukh.

– Ilya had nothing to do with it at all, he himself was very upset and puzzled. Because the project in no way wanted to lose Zhenya Medvedev. Ilya went to bed to find her a new partner, and all the guys reacted with understanding that such a replacement had taken place.

Literally two days before the shooting, thank God, Fedya Fedotov appeared, the programs were quickly put on, and the guys were able to perform very successfully on the set. I will say right away that Zhenya is generally very lucky with a partner, he is an adult and conscious person who does not make spontaneous decisions. He always works to the end, so I have no doubt that everything will be fine with them. Success awaits them. br>
— It’s very difficult, because even with Fedi’s level, it’s sharp to turn on this mode, provided that you still have your own shootings, on which you are all day … There is very little time left for training. He comes at night, after a working day, and stays until everything is done. And in the morning you have to go to your main job.

Besides, our level is constantly growing. Now former participants who are familiar with all the difficulties and pains that lie ahead of them are performing in the project. Of course, in these conditions it is difficult to start abruptly, to get involved in this fight. But they succeed.

— Is it possible for Evgenia and Fedor to compete for victory, given these inputs?

— The fact is that now the points for the speakers are summed up, and here you need to look at the final result even if condition of obtaining all 6.0. I think, in principle, there is a possibility. Fedya is such a partner who can move mountains in our business. And as shown by the last two shootings, they got all the “sixes”. So the chances remain.

“There is a redistribution, as in the 90s”
— And what about the stages of the Grand Prix? Many are outraged by refereeing.

— There is nothing unique here, there have always been difficulties with refereeing. There are certain blocks… We have not seen anything new. I disagree with refereeing in some matters, but nobody cares about my opinion here.

The fact is that, if we talk about the same dances on ice, now we do not have a full-fledged leader in them. Previously, there were Sinitsina/Katsalapov, Stepanova/Bukin, and now there is a “redistribution”, as they said in the 90s. Everyone is trying to fill this niche. Someone deserves more, someone less, but from the same test skates I realized for myself that I can’t definitely put someone in the first place.

— Even Vasilisa Kaganovskaya and Valery Angelopol?

– Vasya and Valera are a wonderful couple, they skate very well. But in order to occupy this niche, they need to mature, gain venerability. They have no serious problems with technology, their programs are excellent. Angela (Krylova) did a great job, found new elements for them, which were made not only to have something. Everything is great, it just takes time. It's too early for them now, but it's completely normal. Let them rush to victory. Catching up is always better than holding back. She forces them, leads them. When needed, it does it hard. They have no problems in the training process, they are very diligent. It just takes a little more time for some technical issues.

— You said that there is no full-fledged first pair. But if we take the Olympic troika, then after the suspension of the first two pairs, shouldn't Diana Davis/Gleb Smolkin become the country's main duet?

– In general, I really like the pair of Diana and Gleb. I worked with them, they are great guys. They train very well, they have excellent relationships as a couple. The way they should be. If not for these geographical problems, I think they would have adequately taken a leading position, or at least would have fought for it. after all, you need to live and train in the country you play for, where you belong. It is more comfortable. But it is clear that they have some difficulties with this. It's not for me to judge them. But I would really like to see them at Russian competitions.

– There are just problems with this – it became known that the guys would not be able to perform at the Grand Prix stage in Moscow.

– It's a pity, bad. Well, Vasya and Valera will have more chances. A holy place is never empty – not they, so others will take this place.

“When Valieva ends her career, another will take her place” if everything is clear with dancing, then in the same female loner, it seems, there is absolutely no intrigue. Don't you have the feeling that this season is pure water benefit performance of Kamila Valieva?- It's just that your fellow journalists are probably puzzled by this issue and with their increased attention to this person they are inflating such a problem. But I, knowing the group of Eteri (Tutberidze), understand that if Camila, relatively speaking, ends her career, another one will immediately come in her place.

Valieva is just a wonderful girl. She is beautiful, graceful, jumps wonderfully. I like everything about her. Programs… I can't say that this is a masterpiece, but there was at least an attempt to excel in something. For a long time they discussed what she poked into the sky with Morse code.

And what about a masterpiece – in general, there are few programs in the world that can be called that. There are such productions that are completely remembered – Fernandez under “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Candeloro with D'Artagnan, “Winter” by Yagudin. With Camila, I can’t say that I remember her performances completely. At the beginning of the short one, this primer with the alphabet stuck in my memory, and, apparently, this was the focus. And what about the free program – I don't remember it very well. I heard that many did not like that she and the team took the story from the Olympics, but you can choose any libretto for the production. The main thing is to convey it so that everyone understands. I don't see any problem with this. There are no official prohibitions on this, but moral ones … I'm not sure that something ticklish can be found here.

It seems to me that Camila is deservedly leading so far. Yes, I heard that she had difficulties in Kazan. But we are all living people, everything happens. She made a mistake, but you can't punish a person for it. All our Olympic champions were wrong, already being in such a status. when Camila went after a free program to redo an unsuccessful quadruple sheepskin coat? Many felt that this was disrespect for rivals.

– I heard that Ilya (Averbukh) condemned this. And, in principle, I can agree with this. Competitions are an official event, after all, and there is a protocol that should not be deviated from. There must be a certain discipline and rules that must be observed. And why do you need to prove something to someone? This is not a show, not a show. If you didn’t do it in the program, then you can jump as much as you like, but after a fight, you don’t wave your fists. The moment is gone.

I don't think this should be allowed. On the other hand, I look at how the competitions are doing now – both the light is specific and the beautiful presentation of the participants. There are attributes of the show. I understand that they do this to attract spectators, and Camila's jumps also fell into this canvas. But I don't think it's possible to go all the way to demonstration performances.

But since it happened, okay. It seems to me that there is no legal prohibition in the rules for this now. If she didn't break anything, then it's all right. It's just that athletes should know that there are some norms that should not be deviated from.

– And finally, what do you think about the debut of Anna Shcherbakova on television? How does it work with her?

— Shcherbakova is a beautiful girl, she worked with us in Sochi in the show at first. Consciously, with all the elements. She trained, she jumped, she did not spare herself. She is smart, intelligent, educated, looks great on the ice. She has very beautiful hands, feminine. I can't say anything bad about her.

I would be very happy to ride with her at least in the show. I can’t compete at competitions anymore, but here you are welcome.

— Now everyone is trying to understand if Anna can still skate in sports.

This problem is not new. The girls win medals early, and, in theory, they should already leave, make room, and they want to train. They just started, in general, but it turns out like this. What to do … Perhaps Anya should leave completely, do the show, think in this direction. But I can't decide for her. And, if she decides to stay in the sport, I will be very glad to see her at the competitions.

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